A new bathroom suite and tiles provide a practical yet stylish bathroom refresh.

What is a bathroom refresh?

Many bathrooms in our portfolio required extensive work throughout. A bathroom refresh is a much simpler job; They may ask us to replace an old or dysfunctional bathroom suite or swap a bath for a shower because of the customer’s needs or just to gain space. Here, we just changed all the bathroom furniture and updated the tiles. In every project, we want to make the best use of space and will advise the customer accordingly. However, with this project, there are limiting factors that determine the layout of the bathroom suite.

First, this bathroom is in the attic and uses the space under the roof pitch to house the bath. Nothing else can go in this space as the customer would end up with a sore head! Second, there are two windows in this small space, which again restricts planning alteration to the furniture and layout. A straight swap was the right decision.


As we mentioned before, we always try to maximise usable space in a bathroom. We achieved greater space in the room by changing the standard-shaped bath to a J-type. The original installation positioned the bath under the sloping roof. This is a sensible location because you don’t need headroom at the end of the bath. A J-type bath has a curved corner at one end. This benefits floor space by rounding off the bath corner nearest the basin, therefore creating more usable floor space when standing.

Keeping with our desire for creating space, we use visual tricks to provide the illusion of space. In fact, this can apply to any small room that feels crowded. We fitted a floating basin unit which is fixed to the wall. When you look at the bathroom, your eyes identify tiles under the basin, making the room feel bigger. The toilet is a compact unit, again increasing the visual space.

Fresh tiles always revives a bathroom, and we’re proud that the customer invited us back after a previous successful bathroom installation. If you’d like any help with your bathroom and live in the Leeds area, please get in touch.

Our mission is to offer a high quality service

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