A boiler and cylinder upgrade, plus radiator powerflush. Transform the existing 20th Century gas central heating and hot water into a modern efficient installation.

  • Modern Vaillant 630 condensing boiler
  • Gledhill unvented hot water cylinder
  • Significantly increase hot water flow rate
  • G3 certified
  • Reduce gas bills
  • Improved central heating output.
  • No water storage risk in loft space.
  • Radiators powerflushed to work more effectively

We quickly forget how our central heating systems used to be. This boiler and cylinder upgrade brought back memories of the types of systems installed about 20 years ago. Nothing wrong at the time, but does show how technology has advanced and the options available for central heating and hot water.

The project was relatively straight forward. First, we didn’t need to re-site the boiler or hot water cylinder, and much of the existing system we used. The radiators were in need of a powerflush; this needed doing before we connected to the new boiler. Find out about powerflushing here.

The only addition to the boiler installation is the additional pipework for the condensate. We found the cleanest route through the corner of the work surface, which also helps with the stability of the pipe. The system boiler can use the same flow and return pipes for the heating, and the existing gas supply. Electrical input also remains the same. In fact, this was a relatively simple boiler swap.

The advantage of modern systems like this one is the lack of loft tanks. All water used in the heating and hot water is fed from the mains, via a pressure reducing valve. This provides reduced mains pressure to the cylinder and equal pressure to the hot and cold outlets. So, with this boiler and cylinder upgrade, out came all loft tanks and pipework! Read more about stored hot water here.

All the components we use when installing an unvented cylinder fitted well within the airing cupboard. The new cylinder capacity is far greater than the existing one, so the new system can cope with two showers running simultaneously.

We had to convert the system from a ‘y’ plan to a ‘s’ plan.  The reason is the new unvented hot water cylinder requires an independent valve that can isolate the heat input.

The final touch of matching the brickwork outside from the old flue position.

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