Everything in this complete heating system project is new, from heating boiler and unvented cylinder, to pipework and radiators.

  • Complete heating system
  • Full re-pipe from one-pipe to a two-pipe system
  • 9 new radiators
  • Vaillant Ecotec Plus boiler
  • Gledhill 250 litre unvented cylinder
  • 2 heating mains under the floor in the kitchen ready for renovation
  • Mounted on plywood for stability

When we undertake boiler and heating work, rarely do we replace everything. Most cases, it is the boiler and perhaps the hot water cylinder where appropriate. Occasionally we replace radiators for new efficient or aesthetically pleasing ones. In fact, there is some part of an existing central heating installation job which remains: the pipework. However, that is not the case in this project, as the existing heating uses a one-pipe system. For efficiency regulations and boiler compatibility, we must upgrade to a two-pipe system.

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Starting from scratch – A complete heating system

It is satisfying to know everything is brand new, although we try to reuse wherever possible. Unnecessary waste of materials is something we want to avoid, but in this case, it made sense to replace everything. At least everything would make the system as efficient as possible.

A one-pipe system sends water from the boiler to the radiators in one big loop. The two-pipe (flow and return) system sends water to all radiators via the flow pipe, then returns the water to the boiler via the return pipe. More even heating means a more comfortable home.

We installed a Vaillant Ecotec Plus boiler mounted on plywood alongside a 250 litre Gledhill unvented cylinder. The new central heating system comprises 9 new radiators, plus 2 heating mains under the kitchen floor ready for renovation works. The plywood extended further than normal. This happened because we were let down by a plasterer and needed to fix the pipework and components to the wall. A cupboard will enclose the cylinder at a later date.

All brand new and very satisfying. If you would like a quote for a new heating system in the Leeds area, please get in touch.

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