From a simple stove exchange to a major flue reconstruction, this is our Dunsley Heat Advantage 500 project.

  • Replace old stove with Dunsley Heat Advance 500
  • 5kw Multi Fuel stove
  • Complete new liner
  • Alarming amounts of corrosion and decay through the liner and chimney
  • Remove old chimney stack
  • Install twin-wall flue to outside
  • Opening lined with fireboard
  • Brick slipped tile finish

Safety is paramount in this industry. Lives are at risk if we don’t do the job right. We complete many tests and checks to ensure that your appliance is working safely. In fact, we won’t leave a job unless it is risk-free – even if that means condemning it.

Lives are also at risk if you do not service a gas appliance such as a stove. We found evidence on this job that could cause serious health issues had the customer left it as it is. If you are thinking of using an old chimney, get a chimney sweep to check it first. All sweeps should be registered with the National Association of Chimney Sweeps.

Unsafe Chimney for Dunsley Heat Advance 500 Installation

On the face of it, this project seemed straight forward; a straight stove swap, plus a new opening finish. However, we have been in this industry long enough to know that that line of thinking always ends badly! Fitting this gorgeous Dunsley Heat Advance 500 wasn’t the headache we faced, it was the condition of the chimney.

To put this into context, the chimney ensures that the new stove burns clean, and it expels all products of combustion outside. Therefore, a thorough inspection of the condition of the chimney is required before we install a new liner. Unfortunately on this occasion, the signs were not good. We found heavy deposits of soot the chimney liner and its condition was very poor. Things got worse as we entered the loft space where, upon inspection, we concluded that the chimney was not safe to use from the loft space upwards.

Resolving the Chimney Issue

The customer removed the existing brick chimney outside before installation. We removed and rebuilt the chimney in the loft to leave enough space to connect a twin-wall metal chimney to outside. We fitted a new liner inside the chimney, connecting it to a stainless steel twin-wall chimney. The twin-wall chimney fixes to a top bracket for support and correct finish on top of the brick chimney. The new chimney passed all relevant tests meaning we could install the Dunsley Heat Advance 500 stove.

Thankfully installation went smoothly. We lined the opening with fireproof board and covered with brick-slipped tiles. All commissioning testing passed without issue. It is so satisfying to hand over the installation to the customer knowing what we had to overcome.

If you would like any further information about the Dunsley Heat Advance 500 stove installation, or stoves in general, please get in touch

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