A simple gas stove installation, replacing a pebble style gas fire.

In stark contrast to our previous stove installation case study, this Brosley Hereford 5 gas stove project completed smoothly. It is worth remembering at this point that the stove we’re installing is gas and not solid fuel. This allows us to use the existing chimney as long as it passes the required Gas Safe regulations. We start by removing the existing gas fire shelf and pebbles. This left the old stone inside the chamber which needed removing with care. Once we finished that task, we could test the chimney and make sure the opening is ready. The opening required lining with a fireproof board and painted to blend with the existing fireplace. A simple installation of the gas stove followed by the regulatory testing and we finish the job. But why choose a gas stove and not a solid fuel one?

Solid Fuel Stoves vs Gas Stove

There are unique qualities a solid fuel stove offer compared with a gas stove alternative. Obviously, there is the sound; the crackle and snap of the wood breaking down under the heat provide a natural acoustic soundtrack to a relaxing winter’s evening. But there is another feature that draws people towards a ‘real’ fire in the home and it is the fire itself. The glow produced from a natural flame enhances the heat output. However, there are drawbacks if you want a solid fuel burner.

First, and most important aspect is whether a solid fuel burner is permittable. There may be other restrictions or require further work to the chimney to meet regulations which could lead a customer to choose a gas alternative. And then there is the fuel itself. Natural gas is convenient, clean and always available. Having to light a solid fuel stove takes more effort than a gas one. Plus, this installation came with remote control!

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