An old unvented cylinder replaced in a city centre apartment

Discovering a leaking unvented cylinder is a problem we solve frequently. In most cases, the jobs are straight forward swaps, with little additional work required. In a city centre apartment, however, we discovered several replacement issues that prevent this being an easy exchange. Read on to see what we faced and how we rectified the situation.

Why we love unvented hot water

Our modern lifestyles demand instantaneous quality. We want everything at a touch of a button, including our heating and hot water. No one wants a shower with low pressure, or that takes ages to heat. Plus, we love to spend time in the shower without the fear of the hot water running cold. In fact, we all expect this because of the improvements in heating and hot water products and technology.

So, as you’d expect, this city centre property is no different. Many apartments use unvented hot water cylinders for the hot water supply. Why? Well, it makes perfect sense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a small compact unvented cylinder provides the user with excellent hot water pressure. Assuming that the mains cold supply is adequate, the hot water will service this apartment at the same pressure as the cold water. This removes any need for a water pump. Secondly, unvented cylinders do not require feeder tanks because the mains provide the tank pressure. Safety devices control any issues with excessive pressure and water overheating.

Note: It is important to service an unvented cylinder every year to check the safety devices and cylinder condition.

Another issue with modern city apartments is access. We have to work smart providing our service and be efficient in our use of labour hours. At Parkstone Yorkshire we take pride in recruiting and training for the future. So, our apprentice replaced the leaking unvented cylinder and installed the new Gledhill Stainless Lite Cylinder (under our supervision). This in turn bought us time removing the old pipework and cylinder. To sum up, top job done and a thrilled user!

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Our mission is to offer a high quality service

At Parkstone our mission is to offer high quality plumbing, heating and bathroom solutions. Our team is made up of highly skilled tradesmen and gas safe registered engineers.