Nuheat underfloor heating provides the perfect option for homeowners who consider underfloor heating impossible!

  • Nuheat LoPro® Max installation.
  • Removed radiators from space.
  • Single zone underfloor heating.
  • Added extra zone valve at boiler.
  • Upgraded heating controls to a hive dual channel plus extra hive zone for UFH.
  • Cleaned and prepped floor, painted with primer.
  • Stick down pipe guide panels.
  • Run pipes to and from manifold.
  • Screed floor with quick-setting screed.

Nuheat LoPro® Max underfloor heating is a revolutionary design in the world of underfloor heating (UFH).

If you are building from scratch, or completely ripping out renovating, underfloor heating has great appeal. The large surface floor area heats air at its coldest point in a room. The heat input is even across the entire space, leaving no hot or cold spots synonymous with radiators.

But it isn’t strictly underfloor heating. In fact, it’s new floor heating. We lay the Nuheat LoPro® Max on top of a suitable existing floor. To find out more on the specification then visit Nuheat LoPro® Max website here.

So, let’s walk you through this project.

We start by removing the existing radiators from the underfloor heating space. A single zone valve operates this UFH which we installed at the boiler. We didn’t change the boiler because the boiler provides sufficient output to cope with the UFL. Upgrading work comprised only the heating controls to a hive dual-channel, plus an extra hive zone for the UFH.

It is essential we clean and prep the floor space thoroughly. Our next task is to lay the pipe guide panels. These panels hold the pipework in place, yet only raise the floor by 22mm. Once in place we run the pipework around the space and into the manifold flow and return ports. Our final job is to screed over the pipework using quick-setting screed. We left the floor space to dry, ready for the customer’s floor.

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