A small bathroom renovation transformed this boxy, dated bathroom into a vibrant, ‘spa-like’ space.

We knew as soon as we saw the old electric bar heater fixed to the wall, this small bathroom renovation was long overdue. However, it gets us thinking about why someone hasn’t done this before?

Needs must: a phrase that hangs over this original bathroom. It would be disrespectful to criticise those who lived with this bathroom decor. Everyone has different needs/wants, and if the bathroom is purely a place for function, there isn’t actually anything wrong. And, of course, there is the cost of a small bathroom renovation. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot afford these luxuries, so when we approach a job like this, we look for the positives, and there are plenty!

A blank canvas – perfect for a small bathroom renovation

What we like in rooms we renovate are all the services where they need to be and a user-friendly square space! We must give thanks to City Plumbing for a top-rate design service – check them out here!

First up, we have what we want, just as we would hope for in a small space. Second, a fabulous window lets in natural light and provides a feature for the wall. Third, the bathroom door is just off-centre in the wall. This provides space on both side walls as you enter. Why is this important? Well, accessible wall space in a bathroom is valuable; in a small bathroom renovation, it is gold! The wall space is typically where we install bathroom furniture, thus maximising the floor space, and making the room feel bigger. This worked perfectly for us here.

Perfect square space.

Before we worked on the room, we needed to address the boiler cupboard as this was looking tired; a new door makes such a difference! The floor plan provides space for the large bath and gorgeous vanity unit to sit opposite from one another. The large bath consumes the righthand wall, leaving just enough space for a towel rail. Again, another example of how the dimensions and layout of this bathroom benefited us. There are no taps attached to this bath, instead the shower controllers fill the bath. We love this feature as it maximises the bathing experience, providing the user comfort when stretching out and relaxing. We installed a false wall at the far end of the bath to hide the pipework and create a classy recessed shelf for washing products. Talking of classy, brushed dark gold for all plumbing fixtures on the bath and sink – oh yes!

Oozing quality.

The high-end feel continues with the gorgeous floating vanity unit and large back-lit mirror. It sits on the wall alone and tiled the exact width from floor to ceiling in a stunning thin slate grey style. And how about a floating toothbrush charger? Well, this just adds to the clean look, rather than having it clutter the sink area. The bath has a marble effect tile covering the full length and height of the wall and false wall. The floor uses a soft grey tile, making the white bathroom furniture look clean.

It was a pleasure working to create this small bathroom renovation. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please get in touch

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