Finding a suitable fire to fit in an unused fireplace is not as simple as it sounds.

In this project, we installed a stove in a fireplace. We found that aspect straightforward. However, finding a suitable appliance to fit in this unused chimney proved challenging.

For many of us, a fireplace is such a wonderful feature in a room. We feel comfort from it, not just the heat aspect, but also the focal point it provides. Many fireplaces include mantles or shelves that we personalise with pictures and ornaments. And let’s not forget how important they are at Christmas time!

Original chimneys in older properties serviced solid fuel burners. Open fires would rank as the most common because of their simplicity. Some fires included water heaters for hot water supply, whilst chimneys offered cooking options as Agas or Rayburns. But solid fuel heating is a dirty business and the smells of soot and smoke are an unfortunate byproduct. Along comes affordable Natural Gas heating and the ‘real’ fires fell out of fashion.

Why is this relevant?

Well, some properties had large fireplaces, similar to this project. Modern central heating became the best way to heat a home, so real fires weren’t necessary. Switching to a gas fire becomes more of a luxury item, so some homeowners would leave the fireplace empty, or utilise it. For instance, converting to a small cupboard or decorating with dried flowers.

Fast-forward to now and these larger fireplaces make excellent homes for stoves. What is the sudden appeal to install a stove in a fireplace? First, there is a generation of homeowners who have never had the experience of a real fire in their home. Second point to make is the back-up to the central heating. At least part of the house can remain warm if the central heating fails. Finally, a stove provides all the good bits of solid fuel heating without the issues of smells and mess. We burn all the fuel within the appliance. The smoke exits through the chimney. Simple and beautiful. That’s why we love fitting them.

This project offered a few challenges.

We had to find an appliance that would fit the existing fireplace, plus meet all the required clearances. The Broseley Hereford 5 Stove is a perfect fit. Before any installation, we perform the correct chimney safety checks. The tests identified that the featherings (brickwork) in the chimney were leaking, so we needed a repointing job to solve this issue. We completed the Broseley Hereford 5 Stove installation with the addition of a new debris plate.

The size of the stove fitted in this project requires no additional ventilation because the room can provide enough air. We sprayed the debris plate black to match the existing decor. Another great stoves job complete.

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