A simple bathroom update made tricky by a very uneven bathroom floor.

When a ball can roll freely from the bath to the door, we knew we would have to tackle this uneven bathroom floor.

Ahh, the joys of owning a house with character. All the quirks that go with a period property. It draws so many of us in to invest our money, time and patience that it has to be worth it, right? We think you’ll agree that this project resulted in a timeless bathroom renovation. However, it was not without a major issue.

Level playing field

Yes, this was literally the problem. A vastly uneven bathroom floor. So much so, the installers of the existing bath propped one end to counter the slope. We had to rectify this issue, yet it wasn’t as straightforward as you may think. If we installed a new floor over the existing floor, it would create a small step into the bathroom. A trip hazard; we want no potential dangers to be associated with our project quality.

So, what did we do? First of all, we had to identify where the slope starts and remove the floorboards furthest from this point. Second, work out how high we could bring the floor level up without causing a hazardous step. This increase also includes the flooring (expertly installed by the wonderful people at Yorkshire Flooring Company). Finally, cut in and level up existing floorboards with new chipboard floor panels so the luxury flooring installation lays smoothly.

Getting on with what we love doing

We love bathroom transformations. This one was a little special because the bathroom is ‘L’ shaped, providing a perfect space for a shower cubicle. The door to the shower sits in line with the wall of the bathroom, making the space look clean and uncluttered. The huge free-standing bath in the corner takes centre stage, with a stunning tap and shower stand installed perfectly in the corner. The bathroom dimensions allow all the bathroom furniture space to standalone without compromising the room’s function. Basin on the shower side wall, toilet on the bath side. We perfectly positioned a large towel rail in between the bath and shower.

Gorgeous green washroom-style tiles complete this bathroom project, which was certainly not without its ups and downs!

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