Creating A Cosy Living Space With A Multi-Fuel Wood-Burning Stove

Nothing beats a proper fire in a living room. The crackles of solid fuel burning on a chilly evening brings a natural comfort we love.

Arada Ecoburn Plus 5 Multifuel/Wood-burning Stove

It is a genuine joy of ours to install wood-burning stoves for our customers. Nothing transforms a room quite like a real fire. Because the stoves we install are DEFRA approved, the stove can legally burn a range of fuels. So, here’s a breakdown of this project in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

  • Installation Ecoburn Plus 5 Stove with an output of 5KW and DEFRA approved
  • Black Slate Hearth
  • Real Oak Beam
  • Duraflue 5 inch Flue Liner with Hanging Cowl
  • Repointed featherings on chimney
  • Job spread over a couple of days allowing the customer to decorate

The Hidden Work

First of all, and most important, is the safety of the new installation. Whatever fuel we burn in our houses, it must discharge the products of combustion correctly. Failure to do so can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. It is essential that the chimney is in a fit state to accommodate the new stove. Therefore, we perform the required chimney testing to ensure everything is in working order.
After inspection, the chimney required us to install a new flue liner. This ensures a complete pathway for the products of combustion to travel, with no obstructions. We connected the new flue liner to a hanging cowl that sits on top of the existing chimney pot. Also, we rectified the poor condition of the cement at the base of the chimney pot.

Connection and commission of the Arada Ecoburn Plus 5 Stove.

Besides the installation of the multi-fuel wood-burning stove, the customer wanted a new hearth and mantel installing. The choice of a black slate hearth and solid oak beam is simple yet stylish. The customer also requested that the job stretched over a few days to allow for decorating. We signed off the project with all safety tests passed and commissioning procedures complete. Find out more info on this model of stove here.

If you would like any further information on this or any other solid fuel stove, or would like a quote then please get in touch.

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