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Ban gas boilers – how will we heat our homes in the future?

The reports are out in the national media about government plans to ban gas boilers. This is to meet the increasingly tough target of ‘net-zero’ CO2 emissions. As responsible gas boiler installers, we believe we should comment on these reports and explain our positions as affiliated Vaillant Gas Boiler Installers.

First up – let’s NOT ban gas boilers! Sensationalising a report in the media is commonplace, but it still isn’t very helpful. For people interested in such articles, click (bait) and read further. The issue lies with those who just read headlines because this isn’t an accurate picture of what’s suggested. People then spread misinformation based on very little factual content.

Second point, there is no instruction to ban gas boilers, however, there is a need to change the type of gas burnt.  To meet the tough (and recommended) net-zero greenhouse emissions, cleaner fuel options are essential. Whether that is travel, living, working, eating, and heating. Domestic heating contributes to 14% of the UK’s emissions, so clearly something needs doing. The reports suggest all boilers from 2025 can convert to an alternative fuel supply, instead of natural gas.

What gas will we use?

This is an enormous challenge. Many experts suggest a swap to hydrogen as a clean alternative. Burning hydrogen creates zero greenhouse gases so seems an ideal choice, but our capabilities of hydrogen production fall short. To produce the volume of hydrogen for the UK requires a vast amount of energy. Plus,

How can we change a fuel source to an existing boiler?

It is possible but very unlikely. What boiler manufacturers will offer in the future is a duel fuel boiler; one that operates using two fuel supplies. So, any boiler sold after 2025 MUST have the capabilities of burning both types of gases (natural gas and hydrogen). The boiler manufacturers will either supply kits to change gas components or alter the combustion process on the boiler software when the switch over to a new gas happens.

At Parkstone Yorkshire, we partnered with the leading gas boiler manufacturer – Vaillant. We trust their approach to this issue and when we find out more information from Vaillant we will pass this on to you. If you would like more information about a new boiler installation, please get in touch.

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