From cooking to sleeping, kitchen to luxury bedroom; this unusual bedroom renovation changed a large kitchen into a luxury bedroom, en suite and walk-in wardrobe.

  • Working alongside Interior Designer BOXE
  • Old kitchen to luxury bedroom & ensuite.
  • Concealed taps
  • Shower valve at the entry to the shower
  • LED Lighting in the shower recess
  • Metro tiles
  • Back-to-the-wall toilet
  • Free-standing vanity with bowl sink
  • Granite sink worktop

Kitchen To Luxury Bedroom

In any business, strong partnerships deliver great work. This project partners us, Parkstone Yorkshire with the brilliant interior designers BOXE. When we get a call from BOXE, we know we’re guaranteed a rewarding challenge! This kitchen to luxury bedroom project, yet again set the standard to the maximum. In fact, it surprised us with what you could do in a space designed for a kitchen!

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First, we create the new rooms. Stud walls divide up space for the bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, and en-suite. This helps us plumb in the shower, sink and toilet because we locate the draw-off points as we construct the walls. In fact, we would like to do this on most jobs!

Second, create the BOXE space. Fantastic choice of tiles, fittings and furniture make this job a pleasure. One highlight of the ensuite is the use of a wall to hide the shower, rather than using a visible glass cubicle. By doing so, the sink locates against the wall with purpose. In addition, a mirror fits well on the wall above the sink.

Visual Space Creating

The layout design creates a sense of space from a relatively small area. Visual aids include the tile orientation; providing the room with height from their vertical fixing, and width from a tessellating ‘brickwork’ pattern. Mixing the colours of the tiles from blue, to white in the shower, and light brown on the floor defines each area; again providing visual space.

Concealing the fixtures for the shower and sink make for a very luxury feel against this tile combination. Couple all of this with a beautifully designed and fitted walk-in wardrobe and master bedroom, it shows exactly what is possible from a large space.

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