F22 fault code on Vaillant Ecotec Boilers

F22 fault code (F.22) – Vaillant Ecotec Boilers

F22 fault code is one of the more likely faults on any combi boiler. This fault renders the boiler in standby, stopping any heating or hot water demands. The moment of wanting a nice hot shower or cosy bath – gone, and the house slowly approaches the temperature of your fridge whilst the boiler displays F22. Thoughts of costly repairs suddenly enter your mind. However, fear not, because this is something you can fix (in most cases), and it is an easy task to do.

What has happened to my boiler?

The F22 fault code displays when water pressure in the boiler and radiators drops below a safe level. The water in the boiler to heat the radiators to a required level for safe operation of the heating system. The system is ‘sealed’ which increases efficiency over older types of systems. Sensors provide information to the main circuit board which monitors the pressure in the system. If the boiler senses the water pressure is too low, the F.22 fault code will appear on the display. The boiler shuts down to preserve its components. In most cases, all it requires is reestablishing the boiler pressure to the recommended level. 

Rectifying F22 fault code for low pressure.

Firstly, make sure you turn the boiler off. Second, you will need to locate the filling loop. This is usually located underneath the boiler, either built into the boiler pipework or a flexible pipe connecting the mains cold to the heating flow/return. To increase the pressure, turn the valve until you hear water running into the heating system. There is a pressure gauge to inform you when there is sufficient water pressure in the boiler. Once you have achieved this level of pressure, turn the boiler back on and run the heating to ensure the system works correctly. We also advise checking all radiators, valves, and visible pipework for leaks. Even a small leak can cause the boiler to repeat the F.22 fault code frequently.

If you identify a leak, call a qualified Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer to repair; do not attempt this yourself. We can help those in the Leeds area.

If you would like help or more information about Vaillant, boilers please get in touch.

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