F24 Fault Code F.24 Vaillant EcoTec Boilers

F24 Fault Code (F.24) – Vaillant EcoTec Boilers

In this blog we investigate the F24 Fault Code (Displayed as F.24) found on Vaillant Boilers. Vaillant boilers have a fault diagnostic system built into their boilers to help owners and engineers identify issues relating to the codes. In this case the F24 Fault Code identifies the pump and water circulation for investigation.

  • Pump blocked
  • Insufficient pump output
  • Air in appliance
  • Water pressure too low

What can you do to fix F24 Fault Code?

There are a couple of components to check before you call an engineer to fix this problem. These are linked to air and the pressure level of system water. First, lets look at air in the appliance.

In modern boilers air build up is rare. The radiator circuit is sealed and filled manually via a filling loop. Trapped air can form when you undertake work on the system that requires a drain down, such as replacing a TRV or adding a radiator. When refilling the system, the pressure pushes air through the pipework and back to the boiler. If this is a large buildup of air, the pump struggles to circulate water around the system. In this case, sometimes switching the appliance off and waiting allows the trapped air to work its way to an automatic air release valve inside the boiler, where it purges clear. Refill any drop in pressure and try this a few times before calling an engineer.

If you bleed a radiator and notice dirty water present, this needs addressing quickly. Discoloured system water signals a buildup of iron oxide in the system and requires removing as soon as possible. An experienced engineer will explain the treatments available depending on the severity of the buildup.

Second issue is pressure too low. Check the pressure gauge and adjust the pressure to the recommended level. The low pressure results from general use over time, any work on the system requiring a drain down, or a leak on the system. Bleed all radiators and check for leaks wherever possible.

What issues require an engineer?

The problems associated with the pump will require expert diagnostic work to find the correct source of the problem.

If you live in the Leeds area and need any help with this issue, please get in touch.

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