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Trusted Boiler Installer: How do I know what’s right?

At Parkstone Yorkshire we strive to remain a trusted boiler installer. We pride ourselves on the quality of our entire service. Especially response times, job timekeeping, accurate and responsible quotations, first-class workmanship, and after-sales. This is essential for our brand reputation but also for future projects. So, what should you look out for in a trusted boiler installer? Here’s our guide to ensure you get the right team involved.

Recommendations – your trusted source.

First things first, we are gathering business names here, nothing more. This will require research into your chosen companies to ensure they meet your needs. This process isn’t perfect, but goes a long way into finding a trusted installer.

Who do you trust who lives nearby that has similar work done? Parents and other family, best friends or colleagues? Chat to them first to see who they use for their projects. If you don’t have a trusted source locally, ask online! Social media is a great place to find quality skilled businesses to suit your needs. Remember, you are just getting names at this point. You can conduct searches on Google for businesses local to you. This is helpful as it shows which companies have websites, and keep them updated regularly with case studies and blogs. If companies are keen to do this, they are confident in their quality of work.


Once you have a few names, it is worth looking at customer comments. 5 Star Reviews need looking into as some could be false on places like Google and Facebook. We think it is best to look at any negative reviews to see what the issue was, and how the company resolved it. Projects always have a habit of causing issues, so look to see how a potential trader responds.

Independent review sites, such as CheckaTrade (you can see us here!) and TrustaTrader, are more detailed and also linked to specific jobs. This helps remove companies who offer slightly different services to what you need. You can check accreditations and memberships, and go into more company detail.

Choosing a trusted boiler installer.

Invite them to quote. That is the quickest way to establish trust, by meeting them. It soon becomes apparent if the business is wanting to do your work or not. Chasing a business to quote is never a good sign. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, reliability is a priority. Make sure they clearly understand your needs and your budget. You may need to gain a few quotes to see what a fair quotation is, so prepare yourself for higher prices with some.

Request timescales for the project delivery, and how they expect to be paid. If something doesn’t feel right, then move on to the next company. Be sure you know what you are paying for. Never be afraid to ask questions.

When you are happy to proceed, make sure you and the installer agree on dates and deliveries, and what disruption to expect throughout the project.

Once they complete the job, ensure that there is contact available in case there are any snagging issues.

If you’d like a quote for a new boiler and are in the Leeds area, please get in touch!

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