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Whats that annoying boiler noise?

Annoying boiler noise? Yes, it is something us engineers hear a lot. There are numerous reasons that a boiler or central heating starts to produce unwanted rattles, knocks, squeaks, etc. In fact, there are so many potential issues we have split this blog into three parts, just to make it easier to digest. 

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Your central heating boiler is the source of heat for your home. It requires input from three elements to make it work: fuel, such as gas or oil; electricity, to power the components; and water to transfer the heat around the heating system from your boiler (radiators, underfloor heating etc.). There is a lot going on to ensure these three supplies work safely and efficiently. In this blog we will look at the common causes associated with electricity for these irritation noises, and suggest the best course of action you can take to solve the issue. 

Why do I have a noisy boiler? Electrical issues

Below is a list of unwanted noises produced by faulty boilers. 

  • Sloshing of water sound – condensate
  • High pitch squealing – pump
  • Chugging noise – sludge
  • Boiling – restriction/blockage
  • Rattling – case
  • Knocking – scale
  • Chattering – gas valve
  • Hooting – fan/flue issues
  • Crackling – short circuit
  • Ticking – ignition
  • Creaking – bearings, 
  • Clanking – fan
  • Buzzing/Humming – gas valve, div valve, fan, pump

Our final blog about boiler noise looks at the type of unwanted sounds associated with electricity. The boiler requires electricity to function. The vast majority of components in a boiler are either powered by electricity to generate something, or use electricity to send a signal. So lets start by identifying the faults you can repair.

Power supply

IMPORTANT: If you smell burning as well as hear electrical crackling noise, turn the boiler off immediately and seek professional advice. 

An annoying noise could be one that’s very very quiet! Such as a boiler that isn’t doing anything! We get used to the sounds in our homes so this is something you might pick up on. First of all, check the boiler. Are the lights and/or display on? If not, check the power supply in the house is on. Consumer units can trip so best to check here first. Second, check the fused spur. Is it switched on? If so, check the fuse in the fused spur (make sure it is the same rating as the one you remove) and try again. 

If nothing happens you will need to seek professional help from a Gas Safe Engineer.


Let’s now assume lights are on the boiler but still nothing. The boiler could be in a lockout state. Refer to the manufactures instructions on how to reset the boiler if you are unsure. If this action restores power, but the heating isn’t working, investigate the time controls. Are the batteries ok? Is the App working? Is it communicating with the boiler? Are the time settings correct? Follow the manufacturers instructions to reinstate the heating controls where necessary.

Other than those faults, there is little you can do if it is an electrical fault. Short circuits and open circuits on components can throw the boiler into disarray. Many boilers have fault codes that help guide you to a particular cause. In most cases it will require professional assistance. Please contact us if you need any help in the Leeds area.

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