unvented hot water cylinder with exposed pipework and components in loft space.

G3 Certification – what is it and why is it important?

The G3 Certification is one of many regulations that safeguard the people and property in the UK. In order to ensure safety and health for occupants, the government of the UK passes strict regulations regarding building design, construction and other areas. This includes hot water, hot water heaters, and other areas related to the supply and flow of water through buildings. It is crucial that, as installers, we follow these regulations at all times, as they ensure a supply of fresh, wholesome water that remains uncontaminated with bacteria, waste and other materials. In this blog, we will summarise the important parts that relate to our work.

The Government published an approved document in April 2010, containing the specific regulations. We know this as Part G: Sanitation, Hot Water Safety, and Water Efficiency. The document breaks down the regulations into six separate sections, which are:

  • G1: Cold Water Supply – The supply of cold water to and throughout a building.
  • G2: Water Efficiency – The efficiency of water flow to and throughout a building.
  • G3: Hot Water Supply and Systems – This is the most important section for Parkstone and our customers investing in unvented hot water cylinders.
  • G4: Sanitary Conveniences and Washing Facilities – The flow of and distribution of water through washing and sanitary systems.
  • G5: Bathrooms – Water flow and distribution throughout a bathroom, plus its associated fixtures and appliances.
  • G6: Food Preparation Areas – Water flow and distribution through areas of food preparation.

G3 Building Regulations

G3 certification provides you the customer with peace of mind about a stored hot water installation. You can find the documents and common questions and answers online here.

The G3 certification ensures all installation components are fit for purpose, and that us, the installers, risk assess the installation. This covers issues such as withstanding the stress of temperature and pressure increases through normal use. For instance, the use of the correct pipework material for discharging hot water safely.

It also considers how we reasonably expect the failure of the installation and the consequences. All this means is that we take care in siting the hot water installation and correctly install all safety devices. We recommend inspection of the installation yearly by a company that comply with G3. In fact, this will ensure good quality performance of the hot water.

We follow all the key safety points in this regulation because that give you, the hot water user, peace of mind. Examples, such as the important safety devices and thermostats installed to prevent the temperature getting too high.

If you live in Leeds and would like to know if you can install unvented hot water in your property, please get in touch.

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