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Lockdown gas use: How can I save gas during lockdown?

Lockdown gas use up? Highly likely. Fact is, coronavirus is causing several issues relating to our fuel consumption at home. So what can we do to ensure we are saving as much as possible?

All of us are suffering from coronavirus lockdown. Our old routines removed, we face tough restrictions on where we can go, who we can see, and places to visit. This includes places of work, education, recreation, and everyday essentials (such as groceries, household shopping, doctors appointments et cetera).

This situation leaves a proportion of the country at home when we would normally be elsewhere. Therefore it comes as no surprise that our energy bills at home have ballooned. What can we do to improve this situation, especially with the cold weather we have currently? Let’s identify situations that we can look to improve.

Sounds obvious but…

The first point to tackle may sound too obvious to some. However, it is important that we remove any unnecessary waste of energy. Let’s focus on the heating system. To keep the house warm and reduce lockdown gas use we need to keep doors shut. This includes internal doors as well as external doors. By doing so prevents an escape of heat from the room you are working, and restricts cold air entering. Same applies for windows, make sure they are all closed. In rooms that are not being used you could close the curtains to help insulate from the window.

Temperature controls lower lockdown gas use

Next thing to check is the temperature set at the thermostat. Is the temperature warm enough for you to wear just a T-shirt? If so you may want to consider adjusting the temperature to a level where a long-sleeved top would be comfortable. Dropping the temperature by just 1° can save a lot of money over a period of time. 

When you set the main thermostat is to this comfortable level you can adjust the rooms in your home if your radiators have thermostatic radiator valves installed. You can turn down rooms not used to a low setting, remembering to keep the internal doors closed. This will prioritise the delivery of heat from the boiler to the radiators that need it most.

Hot water consumption

The consumption of hot water adds to the gas bill when we experience cold weather. The consumption of gas by combination boilers peaks at this time. Heating water as it flows through the boiler requires more energy if the starting temperature of the cold water is just above freezing. Thus it requires maximum gas volume to heat the water to maintain a suitable temperature. 

To further improve your central heating efficiency you can investigate saving ideas such as pipe lagging, loft insulation, Wall insulation, and other ways to trap heat inside the property. You can find out more from The Energy Saving Trust.

If you would like help with your heating system please contact Parkstone Yorkshire here.

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